How to prepare your furry friend for a photo session

Your dogs are part of the family and chances are you are going to take them to the family photo session right? What could be easier? They love you so they will be the least of your concern. Wrong. Just like children, dogs can get very nervous around strangers and cameras and the result will be wasted hours trying to chase them down around the studio.

The good news is that you can prevent that from happening by keeping a few things in mind before heading to the photoshoot.

  • Feed your pets before heading out to the studio so that they are not restless or cry during it. If it’s not dinnertime yet, feeding them a few snacks beforehand will be enough to calm them down as they might get puckish in the middle. Keep a few snacks handy in case you need to calm them during the shoot.


  • Allow your dogs to get used to the camera before allowing the photographer to snap away. Would you like it if someone shoved one in your face when you least expect it? To prevent your dogs from getting scared, hiding or cowering, first allow them to roam the studio a bit and sniff at the equipment. That way they will be more comfortable in their environment and relax easier when the camera finally starts flashing.


  • Be playful with your dogs so that they do not feel disoriented and to distract them from things you have no control over. Plus, if you want to ensure your dogs get into the whole frame getting up close to them will not give you the picture you need. There is no such thing as a perfect shot where animals are concerned and candid shots are the best in this regard.


  • Be patient with your pets during the photo shoot. Remember, they are not used to the bright lights and new people and might take time to adjust to their surroundings. Getting mad or irritated with them will not help you and will only make settling them more difficult than it has to be.


A photography session with your pets can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience if you keep the aforementioned tips in mind during one. The result will be timeless pictures that you will love to see again and again and can place on your wall as well. Our photographers can help you with that and ensure you get pictures that will please.