What you should do to prepare your baby for a photo shoot

So you want to arrange a photo session for your newborn? You must be feeling so excited but capturing cute and adorable poses from an infant can be challenging. There is a reason why these photo shoots can last 4 hours especially if the child is just a couple of weeks old. For a truly rewarding experience take note of the following tips that can help you prepare yourself and the infant:

Choose a schedule according to the baby’s

Babies have their own schedules which are not exactly regular. They certainly won’t adhere to the photo shoot schedule that is convenient for you that’s for sure. Make sure that your child takes a nap before the shoot so that he/she can be in the best mood possible. Also make sure all potty breaks are taken care of and the baby has a fresh diaper on in case there is no time for that. He/she won’t ask your permission before going potty so stock up on diapers as well.

Keep wardrobe change to a minimum

Even if you love the 10 different outfits you bought for the baby, you will have a struggle in your hands if you try to make your baby wear all of them one by one. Most babies cannot tolerate a long photo shoot even if you give them frequent breaks in between. Trying to change his/her clothes even once can be a challenge if they get fussy in between. So just keep a couple of cute outfits with you and try to keep the session short to allow for changes.

Keep the baby warm

Babies can catch colds very quickly since their immune system is quite sensitive. Since studios are not exactly known for being warm and cozy, make sure you keep warm clothes so that your little one remains comfortable throughout. Bring a baby blanket with you so that you can keep your baby wrapped up snug when the lights are being changed.

Bring props if necessary

Even though most studios provide their own props, bring your own if you have a special setting in mind for your baby. It will also be a good idea to bring the baby’s favorite toy so that he/she remains happy and distracted as the camera starts flashing.

Keep contact with mom minimal

Babies have a remarkable 6th sense when it comes to their mothers and can usually hone in on where they are anywhere in the room. Unfortunately, this distracts them which is not good for a photo shoot at all. To minimize that distraction, make sure the mom is out of the picture (no pun intended) and bring a pacifier to placate the baby. If you are uncomfortable with the pacifier, you can always feed the baby to make it calm down but make sure to do that only when the photographer needs to take some pictures with the baby sleeping. That way both of you will be happy and get the best possible results.