Top poses for a maternity photoshoot

Congratulations on your baby and you must be looking radiant! This is the perfect time for a maternity photoshoot and it would be a great idea to look up some poses beforehand. If you cannot, no need to fret. The following are some excellent pregnancy poses that will make your baby bump and you the stars:

The classic belly profile

Your baby bump should always be the main focus during a maternity photoshoot. After all, that’s the whole point of the shoot in the first place. You can choose to either have an up close photo taken of the bump or stand sideways with one hand on your belly and one hand by your side. Smile or paste a serene expression on your face while looking down at your belly to make the shot candid rather than cheesy.

Another great idea for the belly profile is to do a peek-a-boo shot. Stand behind a wall with just your belly showing for a classic look. If you want to go for a subtler approach, a silhouette shot with the sun behind you will make for a classic black on color photo.

Play with shadows

Since you will probably be in a studio in your delicate state, ask your photographer to set up lights for a shadow shoot. You can really have fun with this – ask someone to make a heart with their hands in such a way as to project its shadow on your belly or just ask the photographer to take long shots of your shadow for a dramatic photoshoot.

Have fun with it

This is going to be your photoshoot so you should have no qualms about mixing it up. A professional maternity photographer will never try to restrain you especially if you are uncomfortable. Suggesting poses that you think will make the shoot easier for you and the baby will be ideal but make sure to tell your photographer beforehand.

You can be silly if you want to be and frankly speaking that makes for some pretty awesome pictures. Eat straight from a jar of Nutella (if you are not allergic of course), have a shot taken from your perspective as you look down at your toes peeking out from your protruding belly, don a cape and mask with a shirt that says ‘Super Mom’ – these poses are only going to be limited by your imagination.

Get Hubby Involved

That bump did not happen spontaneously so involve your husband in the shoot to make it extra special. Bring props such as signs saying ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Greatest Mom and Dad ever’ if the studio cannot provide any. The poses should be warm such as the classic hand hold and looking into each other’s eyes pose.

But you can be creative with it as well if you want more unique pictures. Profile shots, shots of your hand at the base of the belly with your husband’s hands encircling it will make for some truly great and memorable photos.